Ezekiel opens the 2020 season with a win at the SportExcel-Milo-Majlis Sukan Negara Junior Circuit Premier Elite 2020 at Tanjung Puteri Golf Resort in Pasir Gudang Johor. The event which was held on 1-2 Feb 2020 was a very challenging one. 1st, because on day 1, Ezekiel has to play 36 holes. 2nd is because Ezekiel has to deal with strong wind throughout all the 3 rounds. What made it worst was at the tee box, the wind is from a direction but when looking at the pin, the wind is from another direction. Choosing club to use was always difficult.

Anyway, Ezekiel played well enough to win the event by 9 strokes to the nearest competitor. This win marks Ezekiel’s 23rd win in all tournament since he 1st participated in tournament golf.

Next event will be the Majlis Sukan Sekolah-sekolah Selangor (MSSS) selection, where top 3 from Selangor will be selected to represent the state at the MSSM on 12-13 Feb 2020.